Reading live on air at Kölner Kongress 2019, Deutschlandfunk

2. prize for “Faxen” at blicke filmfestival!

Showing “Faxen” in Jail Gelsenkirchen

Jail Gelsenkirchen. Filming communication called “faxen”, winter 2017/2018.

Ruhr Residence GO 2017 nach Neutral-Moresnet!

Starting my postgraduate studies at khm cologne in october 2017!

Giraffe live at Videonale 2017 in Bonn!

nomination for Marler Videoart Award 2016, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

workstay in South Africa, may 2016

working on “It’s so sad the giraffe is dead” / giraffe suicide story in Giza Zoo Cairo, 2016

Working on “Car Care” film and photo project, 2015 and 2016

La Fragua Artist Residency, North Andalucia 2015

New York, march 2015

If you see them or not mountains are there Einzelausstellung MKK Dortmund 2014

Besuch der Häuser von Eileen Gray, Tempe à Pailla in Menton

und E.1027 in Roquebrune, Cote d’Azur 2013

Kairo Februar 2012, Workshop im Rahmen von “Cairo. Open City – New Testimonies from an Ongoing Revolution”

Island Dezember 2011